Ophir Sternberg is a 20-year veteran in real estate investment and a founding partner and the CEO of Lionheart Capital, LLC.

Sternberg began his career as an investment broker at New York’s Marcus & Millichap in the early 1990s, and within a few years he founded Oz Holdings, LLC, a private real estate investment and management company, with longtime partner Allison Greenfield.

At Oz Holdings, Sternberg focused on developing undervalued properties in emerging developed New York neighborhoods. Sternberg’s ability to identify properties with unrealized potential, combined with innovative financing and his team of veteran developer partners, allowed Oz to grow into a multi-million dollar portfolio through varied economic conditions.

After almost two decade of success with New York City as his home-base, Sternberg shifted his focus to one of the most alluring markets in the United States – Miami. There, Oz formed a partnership with the Flagler Group, owned by Miami-based developer Ricardo Dunin, and together they founded Lionheart Capital, LLC.

Once a member of an elite Israeli Defense Force unit, Haifa-born Sternberg studied finance at Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University.